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How to change the Email address

Self-Service Email Change

To change the email address on your own, your Account MUST have an Associated Phone Number, for at least 14 days.

  1. After log in, navigate to Account Management.
  2. Edit the Email.93_01
  3. Press Continue.
  4. You will receive a SMS Code. Input said code and press Activate.
  5. A notification Email change is sent to the current Email associated to the Account.
  6. Input your new Email and press Continue.
  7. An activation Email is sent to your new Email.
  8. Go to your new Email and Confirm Email Address
  9. Input your Account Password to confirm the Email change. Press Continue.
  10. Press Close to complete the Email Change.

Allow ~1h process time for the delivery of the SMS code and email notifications.

Support Aid Email Change

Should you have no phone bound to the account or there's issues with the current Email, Support can change the email for you.

Submit a ticket and provide the following information:

  • Name of the Internet Service Provider at the time of Account creation.
  • City and Country of registration.
  • Phone number bound to the account. When applicable.
  • Proof of payment* (Bank Account/Paypal logs/ Online phone record, etc.) related to purchases performed on your account. When applicable.

    Email screenshots are not valid. Remove any information unrelated to

  • The NEW Email address you'd like us to associate with your Account.

*To prevent Email change by unauthorised access, we need to confirm the request as legitimate.

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