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I dismissed crew members by mistake, can I get them back?

Player Support is NOT able to process crew restoration requests.

Restoration Rules

You can restore dismissed crew members with at least one skill or perk, or enough experience points to acquire one.



  • The first 48h after dismissal, the recovery is free.
  • After the first 48h: The recovery cost is 60.000 credits, per crew member.

Crew recovery is only possible for 32 days, after dismissal.

How-To Restore

Every time you dismiss a crew member, you will be informed whether the recovery is possible or not.


Dismissed crew members are recovered through the Dismissed option in the Barracks. Hovering the cursor over a specific member will open their personal record with their recovery period and cost.


To get a dismissed crew back into action, click Recover and confirm this action in the pop-up window.

The Dismissed buffer has a space limit of 100 crew members. When full and you are about to dismiss and send the 101 crew member, you will receive a notification that this action will replace whomever crew member has been there the longest.


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