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[OLDG] OldGamerz


Real gamers, just less responsive!

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OLDG ETHOS: We are NOT a clan we are community and we do not play against clans.

Membership in OldG tankers is limited to active members of Oldgamerz. That means we want you to be active on the forum. Participate in the discussions and chairing you thoughts with the rest of the guys and girls in the community.

We do have our own Teamspeak server that we would like you to use. However we do understand if you cant get on it every time your in game. Most of us have families, and its not always possible to chat with kids running rampage in the background or even worse the better half... ;)

If you like to game with people of your own age (over 30) come over to the official website and join in the fun. We have a very relaxed attitude to gaming, although it's only healthy to be a little competitive at times, but the main emphasis is on fun!

Go to and you might just find what You are looking for.

Military Personnel (56)

As of

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