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[RDDT5] Reddit: Lemming Spawn Point


Single straight line in an orderly fashion. Never forget!

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Welcome to fourth social clan RDDT5 for Reddit members. Registration is open to all Redditors regardless of skill or tank arsenal.
When applying, include your Reddit username so you can be added to our private subreddit.

For the CW , see: RDDT

You can go to WoT in-game channel 'RDDT' to meet more people from all EU RDDT clans.
Also use teamspeak server for communication in platoons and other team modes.

We are playing Strongholds few times in a week. (Friday & Saturday at this moment 19:00GMT/20:00GMT+1)

Preferred tonks for Stronghold:
• Tier VI (LT: T37, Type 64 | MT: A-43, Cromwell | HT: T-150, M6, KV-85, KV-2 | TD: Hellcat, SU-100Y)
• Tier VIII (LT: Ru 251, T49, AMX 13-90 | MT: T69, Obj 416, Pershing | HT: IS-3, 110, AMX 50-100, T32 | TD: Rhm. Borsig, ISU-152)
Stealing this from RDDT7.

Teamspeak server: EU TS3:
Our dedicated RDDT5 sub-reddit

Military Personnel (100)

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