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[GLOF] The Grand Lodge of Freemasons



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Who We Are
In World of Tanks, GLOF is team of easy-going, fun and open minded international people, playing all range of tanks (mainly tiers 1-8, but we are evolving to high tiers as well) and focusing on platoon battles.

What We Offer
- Friendly and fun community
- Easy-going and relaxed environment
- Lots of platoon battles every day (mainly in the afternoons / evenings)
- Opportunity to learn and improve / help our members to learn and improve
- No obligations (regular trainings, high tier vehicles, premium account, TS, voice chat, fixed time commitments etc.)
- Opportunity to evolve and participate in 7*7 battles, TC, tournaments

What We Require
- Open minded and mature people
- Min. 3K battles and 1500PR in last 1000 battles (from
- Regular online activity including the use of our clan forum for updates and information
- Basic English skills

If you are interested / have questions, please feel free to apply.

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