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[TAC] Tactical Armoured Corps


Skillful, Deadly and Dedicated.

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Rank 596
Fame Points 1,134,304

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This is a big hello from (TAC) and thank you for taking an interest. TAC has now reformed and we are (ACTIVE IN CW) but like any clan always looking for new players .We are a MULTINATIONAL clan. you need to have (TEAM SPEAK 3 ) and to be able to SPEAK ENGLISH. In the evening time (from 19.00hrs Euro time)we get involved in (CLAN WARS) PLATOONS and COMPANIES this is to improve on team play. You need a minimum 3 TIER 10s ALL APPLICANTS are considered. THIS IS A CLAN TO HAVE SOME LAUGHS AND TO HAVE FUN WITH, and make new friends

Again, thanks for your time and interest.

Military Personnel (81)

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