Scheduled Battles for Stronghold and on the Global Map: 2

Date Battle Start Time Type Tier Province Enemy
X Zone A

[R4P] Reach For Perfection

X Zone B

[CLTB] ceskolipska tankova brygada

Battle time is adjusted to your time zone.

For enemy details, go to the specified province on the Global Map

Maximum vehicle Tier

Auction (battle on the Global Map)

Attack (Battle for Stronghold)

Defensive action (Battle for Stronghold)

Attack (battle on the Global Map)

Auction (battle on the Global Map)

Tournament (battle on the Global Map)

Defensive action (battle on the Global Map)

Landing province

Regular province

Critical province

Revolting province

Estimated battle start time

Time will be specified after the winner of the tournament is defined.

Battle start time not defined

Date of the battle

Go to the Tournament grid on the Global Map.