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Data for 28 days

Battles 211
Rate of victories 74.88%
Defense period
eSH 24
Battles 3
Rate of victories 66.67%

Defense Period activated

The Neutrality period declared

The Ceasefire day activated

Defense Period deactivated

Elo rating in Battles for Stronghold in Tier X vehicles

Stronghold level


[1STLT] 1st Lithuanian Tank Company

Mes už Lietuvą!

The clan has no description yet.

1st Lithuanian Tank Company

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Global Map

Data for 28 days

eGM 602
Battles 58
Rate of victories 70.69%

Number of provinces owned on the Global Map

Elo rating in battles on the Global Map in Tier X vehicles

Province income on the Global Map for the last 28 days

Province income on the Global Map per day

Average Battles
57.21 %
Average Victories/Battles Ratio
9986 Clan Rating
Average experience per battle
Average damage per battle

Clan's position in the Global rating

Klano forumas
Mūsų TeamSpeak 3 serveris:
Į klaną priimami aktyvūs nariai, ne jaunesni nei 14 metų, besinaudojantys TS, turintys bent 4 10 lygio tankus.

Minimalūs reikalavimai:
- bendras wn8 2055+ arba paskutinių 1000 mušių wn8 2800+
- keturi 10 lygio tankai su 2000dmg vidutine žala
- 50 mūšių per savaitę

P.S. We accept only lithuanian language speaking players.

For any Diplomacy contact: xH4fk , Tamosius
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Military Personnel

Clan members
Victories/Battles Ratio
Average battles per day
Average damage per battle
1. _Jumaxas_


100.0 %
2. sausainis


100.0 %
3. Gydytojas_LT


81.25 %
1. lazhope


2. XDonc3


3. futurity30


1. R32_


2. Kumpinukas


3. futurity30



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