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[PTS] Pirates


Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.

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True to our name we're a laid back clan, always up for a laugh and seldom taking much seriously. The only things we care about are winning and having fun on the way. So we don't impose strict rules or rigid hierarchies, we won't dictate how to behave, we won't make you treat a game as your religion and we won't tell you how you can or can't play the game.

Requirements to be considered taken to testing:
¤ sense of humor
¤ +57WR% 60+ last 1000 battles
¤ Overall 2500 wn8 & +3000 wn8 recent 1000 battles
¤ At least 5 Tier X CW-tanks dmg/battle (2700+ dmg)
¤ CW / stronghold mandatory
¤ Proper English language
¤ Mentally tough and social
¤ Age 18+

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1st campaign 2nd place
2nd campaign 5th place

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